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Why You Should Get a Mascot

From tradeshows, to sports games, to events, mascots are all over the place. Whether it’s The Laughing Cow or Kellogg’s Cornelius (Corny) Rooster, mascots are causing a stir in the UK and across the globe.

Perhaps you’re thinking about creating your own mascot as a “spokesperson” for your brand or as the face of your new team or school, but you’re not too sure whether getting one is worth it.

Below, we’ve put together some pointers that might help you in your decision making.

#1 Mascots Have the “Wow” Factor

Picture the scene: you’re at a jam-packed event. People are swarming everywhere and all you’re trying to do is make your way through the throngs. Suddenly, you see a gigantic, grinning bear mascot. It’s hard not to smile. He might even give you a big hug. You may well have the urge to take a selfie with the bear or you might just want to pat him or give him a high-five.

All of the above happens a lot. Why? Because mascots stand out. Whether you want to walk on by or get a photo, it’s hard not to spot these enormous animals, logos or creatures at events.

SpongeBob attends the Nick Kicks Awards

#2 Social Media with a Difference

Let’s take a look at the mascot Julio Pringles by Pringles. He has over 24 million fans on Facebook alone as well as a serious amount of engagement per post.

Julio Pringles has a head shaped like a piece of crisp which, by the way, suggests that all the crisp pieces inside the exclusive package are equally sized. What’s more, the moustaches give the feeling of maturity and knowhow.

Then there’s the most famous bunny brand mascot, adored by people all over the world - Quicky by Nesquik. The rabbit makes you think “speed”, which is essentially the company message – preparing a chocolate-flavoured drink quickly, then downing it quickly. Job done.

Ginga Mascot

Having a brilliant social media strategy behind every mascot is key, as it gets results. It should contain a concrete plan on how to entertain and involve fans.

So, you see? Mascots enable you to entertain your audience via social media and develop personality and speak to your fans in a way that’s a lot trickier through a “corporate” social media site.

Chances are your audience will prefer engaging with your mascot than the paid marketing person sat at the other side of the PC.

#3 Mascots Are Real-Life Entertainers

As well as the ability to engage through social media, mascot characters can connect and interact with people in real life.

Because they’re so unusual, they’ll be sure to turn heads wherever they go and will quickly become a phenomenon that everyone looks forward to seeing. If you’ve been to a sports game, you may have seen mascots entertaining the crowd to encourage their team during the game.

This is an example of how effective mascots can be. They’re extraordinary characters that fascinate and enchant the masses in a way no one else can.

#4 Mascots Add Character

Designing your own mascot gives your brand a personality, a face, a character and introduces an element of fun. As well as communicating your core messages to your target demographic, mascot costumes create a physical and emotional connection with your audience.

Not having a face for your brand means you’re simply another brand logo amongst gazillions of other logos. Instead, mascots personify your brand and turn your marketing strategy into much more of a fun task.

Add a mascot into your marketing mix, and you bring a friendly face to your business, but you can also develop a personality that complements your mascot – and your business.

#5 Mascots Are Bags of Fun

Whether you’re aged four or 44, people of all ages can have a real laugh with mascot characters. They’ll no doubt make you chuckle, as they go one step ahead of regular marketing strategies and work hard to amuse you. They’re larger-than-life, give you hugs – or even frighten the opposing team. It doesn’t matter which personality you pick, your mascot will be the centre of attention, full of character and fun!

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