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To help you get quick answers to any questions you have, we have put together answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

If the information you need is not included below, please get in touch with us and we’d more than happy to help.

MASCOT Design & Costume FAQs

Do I need to supply you with a drawing?

  • No, we can work with you to create a sketch design

I don't have any design ideas, what should I do?

  • Let us know the purpose and environment of use and we’ll advise on mascot types (eg. animal vs. structural object) and send examples, to move towards creating your unique design

What if my design is rough-draft?

  • That’s fine, we are used to working from a range of supplied designs – even winning entries in children’s design competitions!

Can I brand my mascot?

  • Yes, mascot costumes provide an ideal opportunity for branding and the design will reflect the best positioning

What file type do you need my logo in?

  • Eps is the ideal format. Jpegs and other file types are usually OK – all files need to be supplied as high res as possible!

Will my mascot have a copyright?

  • The ownership of the design transfers to you after the successful completion by us of the mascot manufacture project

Is there a minimum number of mascots I can order?

  • Yes, but our minimum order is just one

Can I buy a ready-made mascot?

  • No, all of our mascots are bespoke and made to order

How much do mascot costumes weigh?

  • This varies on design but typically 10-15 kg

What height should my mascot costume be?

  • Think about the height of your performer; the costume will allow some flexibility on this. We’re also happy to advise you, based on the design, where it will be used, the size of doorways, and transporting it

Are mascot costumes ventilated?

  • We can add extra ventilation and provide options such as head fans and cool vests

How long does it take to make a mascot?

  • Typically, 6 -8 weeks, excluding delivery

Do you offer a cleaning service?

  • Yes, we have a dedicated cleaning and refurbishment department


Delivery Costs

How much is delivery?

  • For UK clients, delivery is included within the mascot manufacture cost quoted. For overseas clients, we can provide delivery quotes
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