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Rainbow Productions has been producing custom mascot costumes for over 30 years. We have created mascot costumes for high profile brands and sporting tournaments such as London 2012, UEFA Euro 2016 and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

All of our mascot costumes are custom made, meaning they are unique to each business.

We produces a wide range of brand and sports mascot costumes each year, ranging from the ultra-realistic through to more simple caricature styles. We are passionate about working together to create a mascot costume that reflects your brand or campaign, regardless of your size.


We offer custom mascot costume design services, using either our client's own designs or by helping them develop their idea. Our skilled designers prioritise functionality, ensuring that the costumes are practical and suitable for their intended environment of use, while also being aesthetically appealing. Interested clients can learn more about the design process and how Rainbow Productions can help bring their ideas to life.

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When you commission us to make a mascot for you, we realise not everyone will be able to dedicate too much time to the mascot manufacturing process.

Stages in the process include the selection of fabrics. We will submit fabric suggestions based on the final design. These samples will also take into account what will be the most suitable and durable for the project. We will also dye fabrics to match a specific pantone, where required.


We will submit images of the initial sculpt for your comments and amendments.


Having incorporated your amendments we will submit images of the final sculpts for sign off; if required, we will make any final changes and resubmit. You are also welcome to visit our studios in London to physically look at the sculpt.


The approved sculpts are de-constructed and patterned.  We will be able to use these patterns for any further mascot costumes, removing the need for an approvals process in the future.


Your customised mascot costume is finished and ready to be dispatched.



Timings vary depending on your requirements and our production schedule. The entire process typically takes 8 to 12 weeks, excluding delivery, from confirmation of order.

If you have an urgent deadline, let us know your deadline and we will do our very best to meet this.

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Custom mascot costumes can be created according to specific requirements, with prices dependent on production techniques and fabric choices.

To receive a quote, you can upload design artwork and fill out an enquiry form. Skilled production teams will work within budgets to provide high-quality and cost-effective mascot costumes.

Submit your design for an accurate quote


In addition to providing mascot costumes, we offer a range of support services to help clients get the most out of their investment. These services include costume cleaning and refurbishment, storage solutions, and performance training to help maintain mascots.

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