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Rainbow Productions has over 30 years of experience in designing and creating custom mascot outfits. We work with businesses to carefully consider their values and campaign objectives, and manufacture one-of-a-kind costumes using their technical expertise.

We really pride ourselves on the technical expertise of our production department. No matter what your mascot design is, we’ll bring it to life and turn an idea or a drawing into a your own 3D mascot costume.


Below is a brief, step-by-step guide of the design and production process for mascot costumes.

Our teams will work in collaboration to outline essential features of the costume. To do this, we’ll have to understand the purpose of your mascot, the possible environments where the mascot will be used, and any activities that the performer might undertake while wearing the costume.


Next, we’ll discuss design features. This includes branding and printed logos, props, and the personality and traits of the character. Our team is happy to offer advice on the height/size of the costume, fabric choices, and other details.


After we’ve discussed the features of the mascot costume, we will submit a black and white line-art drawing for your approval.


Once the above version has been approved, we’ll work on colour artwork for you for final sign-off.


Production begins!


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When we design a mascot, we take into account who will be wearing the costume. Our costumes are always made to your custom size specification but, of course, we will always ensure that there is a degree of flexibility. This way, the costume can be worn by different performers.


Choosing the right materials for a mascot costume is crucial to ensure its longevity and comfort. We offer a diverse range of light-weight, high-quality materials and have expertise in designing and producing costumes for extreme conditions, such as hot weather. To determine which fabric is best suited for your needs, a member of our production team will guide you through the selection process.


Designing your own mascot costume can be easy with the help of Rainbow Productions. Check out how we’ve transformed drawings into mascot costumes!

Still looking for inspiration? Take a look at our Pinterest page. Here you’ll find pinned photos of mascot costumes separated into different categories to help you find an example of our work that has needs similar to yours.

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