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Who is Hey Duggee? - Meet our licenced costume characters

Hey Duggee Costume


Name: Duggee

TV Show: Hey Duggee

Age: N/A (animated character)

Species: Dog

Breed: Brown, anthropomorphic dog resembling a large, friendly hound



Duggee is the lovable leader of The Squirrel Club. He is always kind, gentle, and encouraging towards his young squirrel friends, providing them with guidance and support. Duggee has a natural charisma that draws others to him, making him an excellent mentor and friend. He is patient and understanding, allowing the squirrels to learn and discover things at their own pace. Duggee is also known for his playful nature and sense of humour, making each adventure with the squirrels exciting and enjoyable.

Hey Duggee @ Gloworm


Duggee is a brown dog with a round body and long floppy ears. He wears a bright yellow jacket which proudly displays his Squirrel Club badges. Duggee's expressive eyes and warm smile add to his friendly and approachable demeanour.


Duggee is the leader of The Squirrel Club, a group of young, enthusiastic squirrels who engage in various fun and educational activities under his guidance. He acts as a mentor and teacher, helping the squirrels earn badges by teaching them valuable life skills, teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity. Duggee's role is to create a nurturing environment where the squirrels can explore, learn, and have fun while building their confidence and self-esteem.


Duggee's backstory is not explicitly explored in the show. He is the central character of the animated children's television series "Hey Duggee," which is targeted at preschool-aged children. The show features Duggee and his squirrel friends engaging in exciting adventures, often centred around a particular theme or activity that helps them learn and grow.


Duggee enjoys spending time with his squirrel friends, going on adventures, and discovering new things together. He loves to encourage and support the squirrels as they work towards earning their badges. Duggee also appreciates the simple joys of life, such as a good game of tag, exploring the outdoors, and sharing laughs with his young companions.


Duggee is an easygoing character who doesn't have any particular dislikes. He is open to trying new things and always maintains a positive attitude, even when faced with challenges.

Book Hey Duggee for an event

This is the official Hey Duggee licensed character.

Rainbow Productions holds the UK’s official licence to manage his personal appearances at public UK events on behalf of the brand owner.

Book our character costumes to attend your corporate event. They provide family-friendly content – perfect for entertaining guests and attracting customers at venues such as:

  • Shopping Centres

  • Visitor Attractions

  • Retailer In-Store Activities

  • Children’s Festivals

We take care of everything; our full service includes the licensed character costume, trained performer and Road Manager (minder) to accompany the character. Please visit our character events page to find out more.


Due to the nature of the events we manage, we are not able to supply characters for private children’s parties or similar events.

Did you know?

  • Hey Duggee launched on CBeebies in 2014 and has since aired for four series.
  • Hey Duggee frequently ranks as a top 3 programme on CBeebies.
  • Hey Duggee has won 6 Children’s BAFTA’s including the award for best Pre-school Animation three times!
  • The “Stick Song” from series 2 has been viewed more than 4.5 million times on YouTube and a special version of the song – The Kick Song – became the unofficial World Cup Anthem in 2018.
  • The voice of the narrator is provided by entertainer, Alex Armstrong.
  • Mascot costume Hey Duggee is available to attend UK events.

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