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What types of mascot are there?

While the first mascot that springs to your mind, may be a huge teddy bear wearing a helmet and handing out water bottles at a cricket match, sports mascots are not the only mascots to shine in the spotlight of the mascot world.

In fact, there are many types of mascot. Whether it is a mascot for a sports game or brand representation, there are so many types of mascots, suitable for various occasions.

If you are wondering what types of mascot there are, read on to find out! We’re sure you will find out something new about mascots and their uses!

Corporate Mascots

If you’re looking to grow your brand or help your business come better known in the local, national or even global industry, then having a mascot featuring as part of your marketing campaign can undoubtedly provide you with that boost you’re looking for.

The great thing about corporate mascots is the fact that, whilst they can be used at events, exhibition stands and other marketing events, a mascot can also be included on your packaging and in your adverts.

Mascots, after all, appeal very much to children and, therefore, if you have a children’s product, you’d be foolish not to have a mascot featuring as part of your brand.

A great example of a corporate mascot has to be Kellogg’s Frosties’ Rory The Tiger. Printed on the front of the Frosties’ packaging and featuring in the advert. Rory’s saying “Frosties…they’re grrrreat”, is definitely a light-hearted advertising technique that can’t be forgotten by adults or kids alike! After all, adults nowadays remember this from being young children!

Now that’s an effective mascot if we knew one!

Animal and Creature Mascots

Tony the Tiger is, of course, one of the many animal mascots out there and, ultimately, animal mascots remain hugely popular across various brands and activities!

From elephants, to bears, to dogs, birds and foxes, there are a variety of different animals that are suited to mascot life!

After all, everybody loves animals! As they’re often cute, cuddly and a hit with the kids. Kellogg’s choose other animals to represent more of their cereal products too. Think of Cocoa Pops’ Coco the monkey and Cornelius the green rooster, mascot for Cornflakes.

One of our favourite animal mascots, here at Rainbow Productions, has to be Shaun the Sheep. A fantastic children’s character that has the cutest of appearances but has an intriguing and charmingly troublesome personality!

A sheep that does not follow the flock, Shaun the Sheep is a mascot to be proud of!

Military Mascots

There are various mascots associated with the Military. The British Army, for example, have a number of regiments that have a live animal mascot. These mascots are present at army parades.

Object Mascots

A Mascot is not always an animal or human being. In fact, you may have an object for a mascot. At Rainbow Productions, we make our corporate mascots to client specifications and, therefore, you can opt for a human mascot, animal mascot and more. The choice is yours!

Sports Mascots

The sport’s mascot may not be in with the chance of winning man of the match, however, they do get the crowd’s attention and help to levy up more support, energy and drive!

What’s more, the children love the mascots and it can be a great way to get them engaged in the sporting event from the start.

Of course, different teams have different mascots and, as a result, mascots are associated with certain players, sportspeople and supporters. Some fans may even try to mimic the mascot themselves with face paint, clothing and other merchandise!

Famous Sports Mascot: Mighty Red, Liverpool F.C

Most people will have come to know and love Mighty Red who has been the sports mascot for Liverpool F.C since it was unveiled at a children’s party in 2012. Perhaps one of the most famous and well-loved mascots in the football premier league, Mighty Red is loosely based on the Liver Bird, a symbol of Liverpool city.  

Find out more about our different types of mascots at Rainbow Productions

All our corporate mascots are made to clients’ specifications and our licensed children’s characters are available to attend public events. Take a look at some of the sample mascots we can provide at Rainbow Productions.









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