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Top Ways a Mascot Can Help Market Your Brand

You might be wondering why you should get a mascot. How can it help market your brand? Fundamentally, a brand mascot needs to symbolise something. It needs to go beyond being “cute”. It needs to have personality.

Mascots are captivating, efficient symbols that’ll create long-lasting impressions with your demographic. They’re wonderful for humanising your brand and boosting its exposure.

Most companies nowadays are searching for ways to stand out. This being the case, brand mascots are the way to go.

Can you kiss or hug a company’s logo? Can you greet or high-five a logo?

Theoretically, you could. But in practice, it could be a little awkward. Using a mascot as part of a marketing strategy is a brilliant way to entice and support more clients.

Here’s a look at some ways mascots can help promote your brand.

Mascots Are Physical Beings

There’s nothing quite like having a physical, huggable, “greetable” mascot who loves “high-fiving” and having pictures taken. Custom mascots will take your promotional coverage to another level and strengthen your brand identity and association.

Customers generally buy the products they trust. It’s more possible for an identifiable character to earn someone’s trust based on the fact it generates more impressions. Customers are more likely to love a mascot who’s visual and tangible, or who smiles and waves. They’re more likely to associate your friendly, physical mascot with your company than a cold logo.


A mascot, much like a real human being, will be part of the community. He’ll attend local events like festivals, educational gatherings, sporting events and student get-togethers. Mascots no doubt build mascot momentum!

Advertising Campaigns

Your mascot can boost brand awareness and your business’s visibility. Mascots can hand out product samples, or share flyers, posters and other marketing materials. What’s more, mascots certainly won’t refuse a picture moment, nor will they decline an autograph session!

Promotional Objects

Imagine a children’s playgroup or nursery whose mascot is a friendly bunny rabbit dressed in a light blue t-shirt. You could get your mascot to hand all the little ones in the nursery a toy that resembles your brand mascot. Or offer mums a personalised light blue t-shirt featuring a congratulatory message and a motif of your company mascot.


Community Development

Since a mascot represents your brand, it’s a good idea to get it involved in the local community. Get him/her taking part in doing community outreach, charitable work or visiting children at local hospitals and orphanages.

Seasonal Events

Rather than having the proverbial Santa Claus at your company’s Christmas bash, why not have your own mascot dressed in festive attire? The mascot could offer employees customised items to motivate the staff. Send your bespoke mascot out to the community dressed in seasonal costume doing a similar thing. It’ll no doubt encourage customers to recognise your brand and what it represents.

Social Media

Mascots are brands’ best social media icons. They never get in trouble with the law, they don’t up their fees and you can use them for a very long time. Businesses could also enhance their visibility by creating shows with their mascots and sharing them on social media platforms.

So, you see? Mascots and marketing go together seamlessly. A mascot helps the communication and exposure of a brand. Yours should have a story, a history. It should reflect a company’s personality. Think of Ronald McDonald, the clown male character who represents McDonald’s. He was launched in 1963 by Willard Scott. Or the likes of Nesquik Bunny, introduced in 1973.

A mascot should be innovative and bespoke. It should be positive, credible and easy to understand. It won’t take your audience long to understand the concept behind the mascot.


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