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Tips on Keeping Your Mascot Costume in Great Shape

Have you recently bought a custom mascot costume for your business, school or team? We know purchasing one is a big investment, so we understand you’ll want to make sure you get the best possible use out of it for as long as possible.

To make sure your brand mascot yields returns, it’s important to look after it so it leads a long, happy life. In time, a mascot costume will inevitably need some renovations, but the below tips will help reduce the need for repairs, so your mascot stays in tip-top shape, ready for each and every show and performance.

Keep it Pristine

Although your mascot might not look dirty after it’s been used, it gets laden with dust from the air, not to mention residue from people’s hands when it’s out and about, both of which can build up over time. So, after each and every use, give it a wipe over with a damp, lint-free cloth. We recommend washing the mascot parts after every use, in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, a gentle cold-water wash coupled with air drying is advised for all custom-made mascots. Dry cleaning isn’t recommended, since the chemicals can harm the finishes or fabrics. It’s very important to ensure all parts of the mascot are totally dry before putting them away.

Stow Your Mascot Away Safely

Chances are, your brand mascot comes with a carry bag which is excellent for transporting the costume from one place to another. Although, the bag isn’t so great for storing your costume for extended periods of time. We’d suggest – (if you have space!) – hanging up your mascot pieces, placing the head on a mannequin or stand until you need it for the next performance. Although it might be tempting to store the costume in its carrying bag, there’s a good chance that parts of the costume could get squashed, damaged or seriously distorted, particularly if other things are chucked on top of the bag or stuffed into a cramped space, such as a cupboard or car boot. If space is limited, you could store your costume in a hard-shell case instead.

Make Sure It’s Kept in the Dry

Moisture is a mascot’s worst nightmare. If you don’t store it in a dry environment, mould and bacteria can accumulate which will make it smell awful. Not only that, the foam or fabric can start to deteriorate beyond repair, possibly causing a health hazard, especially to those sensitive to mould. After wearing your costume, be sure to fully air dry before storing it. You could hang up the mascot parts or place them on a table, ideally overnight, until it’s dried out entirely.

Whether you use your costume a couple of times a week or a couple of times a year, follow the above tips so your mascot stays in great shape for many, many years. And don’t forget to take a mascot survival kit with you when you’re at a public appearance, so you’re all prepared in the case of an accident or when something doesn’t quite go to plan.

Don’t forget, the guys and girls at Rainbow Productions are ever-ready to answer questions and offer advice, from creating and building, to cleaning and renovations – you needn’t go anywhere else!


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