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How to Take a Fantastic Mascot Photograph

So, you’ve chosen the perfect performer for your mascot. Brilliant! We’re guessing your mascot loves nothing more than taking centre stage, so how about making them the idol in front of the camera? Whilst public events are super exciting, digital photos will make sure you reach fans across the globe.

There’s real power in a photograph; by posting a video or snap of your mascot online, you’ll flaunt the face of your company to your audience with gusto. Make sure you take some good shots – ask yourself: is your lighting right? What about the focus? Are you capturing the angles and surroundings properly?

To help you out, we’ve pulled together some tips on taking a great photo of your mascot – one you’ll really want to share with the world!

Proper Lighting

One of the keys to creating a fab mascot photo is having the right lighting, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. It’s important to photograph in a well-lit area – it’ll be the difference between taking a terrible photo or a snap with the real “wow” factor.

If you don’t get the lighting right, your snap will look grainy, dark and unattractive. If there’s far too much light, your photo will appear white washed, with parts of it lacking in clarity.

Whizbee and Hero St.Pauls

Find the correct balance of decent lighting to make your mascot stand out, making sure their colours are as vivid and bold as can be. If you’re taking a photo in bright light, make sure you have your back to the light source (lamps, windows, lights and the sun).

As for taking a photo indoors, it’s a good idea to use a portable photography light or even a table lamp – this will ensure there’s as much light as possible when taking your shot.  When there’s adequate lighting, you can adjust the depth of field or increase film speed to attain a vivid, pixel-perfect snap.

Focus, Focus, Focus…

You want to take an amazing shot, right? It’s all about finding your focus. Start by tweaking the focus on your camera, concentrating purely on your mascot so they’re at the heart of the picture. In turn, the background will look blurred meaning your mascot’s the star of the photo. Alternatively, you could bring the whole photo into focus, capturing the excitement that’s happening around the mascot. Your brand is sure to stand out!

Angle It Right

If you want to take a magnificent snap of your mascot, it’s all about getting your angles right. Play about a little; take pictures from the various camera angles you can shoot from. Photograph your mascot from a lower angle to make them look bigger or more menacing and powerful. If you want to capture your mascot’s surroundings, try taking the photo from a high angle. Experimenting with angles is key – you’ll no doubt realise your mascot’s photographing potential.

Set Up Your Scene

The real secret to taking a good mascot photo is being aware of the scene behind your mascot. The background of your mascot’s photo is nearly as important as the picture of the mascot itself so be sure to have your surroundings set up so you capture the vitality and enthusiasm of your mascot.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting in the office, the high street, at a stadium or in the park, use your settings so you get the perfect shot, each and every time. Your fans will love it.

If you want to create your very own bespoke, custom mascot to help enhance your brand strategy, we’d love to assist. We really want to help you create the perfect mascot!

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