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How to Create the Perfect Mascot

A mascot can make a fantastic marketing tool. In an otherwise droll and boring adult industry, such as finance, introducing a mascot can inject some humour and personality into your business. Mascots help people identify and remember your company in a way that you can control. They will act as the face of your business and, if you get it right, will serve you for life, without asking for a pay rise or taking any days off sick! If you’ve been thinking about creating a mascot for your business, here are six great tips on how to create the perfect one…

  1. Consider your Audience

Think about who your business appeals to and design your mascot accordingly. If your primary customers are families, then you need to create something instantly recognisable with a friendly, fun approach that will attract young people.  If you want to create a mascot for a sports team, then you’ll want something a little bolder, perhaps something to spark fear in your rivals. Think about the tone you want to set for your businesses too, whether it’s comical, serious or quirky, make sure your mascot is communicating this tone undoubtedly.


  1. Keep it Simple

Pretty straightforward this one… Don’t over complicate it! Use simple shapes and colours to create your mascot and people will be far more likely to remember and recognise it. A friendly face goes a long way too.

  1. Stick to a Colour Theme

If you already have a colour scheme for your brand, then your mascot should be in keeping. If customers already recognise your brand from your colour scheme, then they will instantly associate the mascot with it too, even when they’re seeing it for the first time!


  1. Think about what you want your Mascot to do

It sounds obvious, but your mascot costume will need to be practical. You need to bear this in mind when you’re at the designing stage. Is your mascot going to be in and amongst busy crowds or performing physical tasks? If so, you’ll need a costume that has plenty of movement and doesn’t include parts that might get in people’s way or be trodden on.

  1. Come up with a Good Name

The name of your mascot is almost as important as its appearance! The name you choose needs to have some kind of connection to your business that way customers are more likely to remember your company name and the products you sell. For example, Compare the Market use meerkatsin their advertising. The word ‘meerkats’ sounds very similar to ‘market’ and so audiences remember what business the adverts are associated with very easily.


  1. Don’t Stop at the Costume

Once you’ve designed your mascot, you need to give it a personality. The more people can identify and interact with your mascot, the more successful it will be. There are all sorts of ways you can do this. One great way to humanise your mascot is to give them a social media account. Most mascots nowadays have their own Facebook page or Twitter account and it pays dividends if you use it properly. It’s a great way to share company news and also allows your customers to share their love for the brand and your wonderful mascot in a fun way!

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