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How to Choose the Perfect Performer for Your Mascot

So, you’ve found the perfect mascot costume – great! But finding the right person to perform as your mascot is far from easy. It’s important to look for certain traits that suit the envisioned personality and character of your mascot, as well as making sure they’re up to the job.

We’ve pulled together some pointers to look for when hunting for your dream mascot performer.

What’s Their Character Type?

Make sure you find a personality that can harmonise with or adapt to that of the mascot during a mascot event. Mascots create a lasting impression on an audience and, usually, they don’t talk. So, it’s vital the mascot exaggerates its emotions using body movements and hand motions. When you’re interviewing or auditioning for a performer, it’s a good idea to get the applicant to throw on the mascot costume and get them to demonstrate emotion through movement.

Can They Perform?

It all boils down to their performing skills. They’ll be the centre of the show, engaging with your target audience. So, you’ll want to ensure the performer you settle on has some awesome and one-off performing talents.

For instance, for a school event, you may have the mascot hugging the children or giving them high-fives. Whilst for a sporting event, you could have the mascot join in performing a routine with the cheerleaders during halftime – or even pumping up the crowd during the game. Your mascot must remember to keep in character throughout the event, not to mention muster enough stamina to stay performing. Being a mascot performer involves a lot of energy!

Why not ask each applicant, at interview stage, to demonstrate a routine for you? This way, you’ll know they demonstrate the team spirit you’re looking for in your mascot.

Create an Appropriate Job Ad

Consider creating a job description with the relevant requirements you’re seeking, whether you’re looking for a mascot performer in your company or outsourcing for your school. Make sure, if you’ve already bought your mascot costume, that you specify the size range – this will ensure the applicant will fit the costume correctly. By writing a job spec, you can rest assured the applicants will understand the services and capabilities required to fulfil the position. This method is particularly useful for students, as it shows them that although the job is a fun opportunity to show off their talents to their fellow students, it also involves reliability and capability.

Outlining the key skills needed for the role will highlight to adults applying for the job the specific requirements they must have to audition for the job as well as the personality and know-how to be successful.

You as the recruiter have the final word. Make certain that your performer has the characteristics you’re looking for so that your mascot costume can take the world by storm.

If you’ve already selected your performer but don’t have the mascot costume, Rainbow Productions would love to help you create a bespoke mascot costume that really stands out so it appeals to your demographic.

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