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Creating a Custom Mascot to Build Brand Identity

Creating a successful brand experience for customers is all about corporate identity. If a customer is a fan of a company, there’s more chance they’ll look for them when they want to buy a product, but if a customer can engage with a brand’s identity, they’re more likely to purchase from them again.

Nowadays, marketing is a competitive industry and businesses are always on the lookout for different ways to connect and reach out to their target demographic as well as different solutions for customers to connect with their brand.

Have you ever thought about investing in a mascot? They can provide endless opportunities for encouraging people to engage with your company and its values. Brand mascots can really bring your company alive and, given the right situation, can interact with the customer ensuring a memorable experience.

With so many mascots to pick from, it’s important to plump for one that’s best for your company’s needs. We’ve pulled together some pointers on how to build corporate identity using a fully customised mascot.

Your Mascot Must Represent the Nature of Your Company

Your main objective is to engage with your audience, so they can connect with your company’s ambitions and mission.  And that’s what your mascot character will elicit from your audience when he’s performing at events.

When building a mascot, don’t forget you’re creating a three-dimensional walking (possibly talking), corporate identity. You need to select your mascot carefully, so they deliver the right message to your audience. You want your brand image to be truly positive, so you can develop emotional connections with your demographic and develop relationships with them.

Puff the Magic Dragon Mascot

Every Details Counts

When it comes to designing a mascot character, don’t neglect all the tiny details, like colour schemes (ensure it links to your brand’s logo, colours etc.), body type, facial expression and name. Call your mascot something that ties in with your character’s personality or background.

Never forget: your mascot is there to reinforce your company image. So, make sure you pay attention to every detail when creating yours.

Understand Who You’re Creating a Mascot for

What’s most important when creating a mascot is to ensure you bear your target audience in mind. First things first, do some research on your audience. Knowing who they are is the key to creating an effective brand identity.

Bring Your Mascot to Life with Social Media

The real secret to mascot success is social media – it arms you with all you need to enliven your character, so they engage with your audience. If you want direct interaction with customers, social media’s the way to go – it’s the ultimate tool to building your character’s social media presence, so long as you put the right amount of time and effort in.

Mrs Bear Mascot

One way to boost brand visibility is through posting pictures on your social media platforms of your mascot interacting with people. Need some tips on how to take a fantastic mascot photo? Read our blog post which will tell you all you need to know. This also helps garner trusting relationships with your customers. No matter what size your company is or what niche, you need to have decent interaction with customers which, in turn, encourages customers to remember you. This is why building a strong visual identity is key.

If your mascot is well-designed, it can really take the way you communicate with your customers to new heights and enable you to connect with them like never before. You’ll also develop a solid corporate identity, not to mention long-standing recognition for your business and brand.

It’s time to get cracking! We can help you build the perfect custom mascot for your company. Why not get in touch? If you need some tips on how to choose the perfect performer for your mascot, check out our blog post.

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