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Brand Mascots and Company Mascots

Company mascots are linked with brands – both big and small – all the time. Mascots, otherwise known as spoke creatures, are branding elements that can help people better remember your business and services.

Usually based on people, animals or objects, mascot costumes encourage your target audience to better associate with, remember and recognise your company values and products. Brand mascots are ageless and make wonderful brand spokespersons that aid in targeting your audience and developing a closer relationship with your merchandise.

Company Mascot Meaning

Company mascots are fictional spokespersons for a business or product. They come in the form of animals, superheroes, sports objects as well as cartoon depictions of humans – or even actors pretending to be actual people.


While advertising and digital marketing are powerful tools for promoting your company, there are numerous other steps you should take in developing the success of your company’s marketing campaign. This is where brand mascot marketing comes into play.

Let’s take a look at what makes them such a godsend for your brand’s marketing campaign.

1. They Give Some Clout to Your Company Name

The more customers remember your company’s name, the more likely it is that your business will spring to mind when someone is interested in the services and products you provide. A decent mascot costume is just the ticket, as not only does it ooze character, it attracts people’s attention. Be sure to incorporate your company’s name and branding somewhere in the mascot’s design.

2. They Boost Brand Awareness

Other than your company’s brand and logo, what else do consumers actually know about your company? Many may not know your company’s core values, as customers often have a short attention span. The key purpose of a mascot is to keep people interested and absorbed. They can emanate and support any aspect of your company’s brand that you want to shout out to consumers.

3. They Add the Likeability Factor to Your Brand

If people don’t like your company, they won’t invest in its products or services. So, make sure your company is liked enough for consumers to believe in what you’re selling or promoting. This can be tricky, as people are often doubtful of a company’s motivation. A good company mascot can really thwart any reservations that people may have about your company, and replace them with a more confident awareness, thanks to the sheer power of its likability.

4. They Connect with People More Than an Actual Person

The real beauty of brand mascots is that they bond with real people in a way that humans cannot. As surprising as that sounds, it’s true. Sometimes people just need a change of pace to hear the message. Often, people turn a blind eye to other people, no matter what message is being delivered. Unlike humans, a mascot attracts people’s eyes, as their presence is so unusual and attention-grabbing.

5. Your Employees Will Adore Your Mascot

It’s not just the customers that’ll love your company, owing to a fabulous mascot - so will your company’s employees. They’ll form more of an attachment to your brand and corporate environment thanks to the engagement of a well-designed company mascot. Think Mickey Mouse by The Walt Disney Company or Tony the Tiger by Kellog’s Frosted Flakes.

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