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Book a Mr Men character for all corporate events

Book Mr Men characters with Rainbow Productions! Our high-quality mascot costumes will allow you to choose your own Mr Man for your corporate event.

Our Mr Men characters are not available to buy or hire, however, that does not mean you cannot have your very own Mr Men character appear at your event!

Make a Mr Man a reality with Rainbow Productions! Book a Mr Men character now with Rainbow Productions.

Who are Mr Men?

Mr Men have been around since 1971, when author Roger Hargreaves first started publishing his Mr Men books. In 1981, he started publishing his Little Miss series. After the author’s death in 1988, his son, Adam Hargreaves,  published some more Mr Men characters.Adam’s characters included: Little Miss Scary, Mr Rude, Mr Good, Little Miss Bad and Mr Cool.

Some fun facts to know about Mr Men are:

  • The first six Mr Men books were published in London and cost 20p!
  • Mr Tickle was the first character Roger Hargreaves invented, inspired by his son who asked him what a “tickle” looked like!
  • The first character in the Little Miss series was Little Miss Bossy.

Meet our Mr Men characters

We couldn’t be prouder of some of the original Mr Men characters.

That’s why we have a selection of Mr Men characters that you can book for your corporate event.

Mr Bump

Mr Bump is constantly falling over and bumping to things, that’s why he’s covered in bandages!

He always gets up again quickly and smiling so he’s never too much of a worry!

Mr Bump features in the 6th book of Hargreaves’ Mr Men series and goes on holiday. While he is away, he falls down a hole on the beach and into the water from a boat! Oh dear!

Book Mr Bump from Rainbow Productions.

Mr Strong

Mr Strong is, yes you guessed it!, strong! He has the ability to lift extremely heavy objects and has superhero strength.

He doesn’t always recognise his own strength though and certainly doesn’t boast about it!

He loves eating eggs which is almost certainly where he gets all his power.

Book Mr Strong from Rainbow Productions.

Mr Tickle

Mr Tickle was the first ever Mr Man and has extraordinarily long arms. That’s why he goes around tickling everyone all day.

Mr Tickle’s humour is infectious and he is a great mascot to have at your corporate event.

He might be a bit mischievous (always wanting to tickle people!) but he is always kind and happy!

Book Mr Tickle from Rainbow Productions.

Little Miss Hug

Little Miss Hug is pink and loves nothing more than giving hugs! She is warm and cuddly. She is guaranteed to make everybody feel better.

She is a much newer Little Miss character, created by Adam Hargreaves in May 2014.

Book Little Miss Hug for your corporate event.

Little Miss Inventor

Little Miss Inventor is a brand new Little Miss character! Invented (excuse the pun!) in 2018.

She is intelligent and resourceful. She is also known as being highly creative, she even wears a pencil and spanner in her hair (in case a new idea springs to mind!).

Book Little Miss Inventor for your corporate event.

Little Miss Princess

Little Miss Princess lives in a castle. A very big castle! She has lots of people doing lots for her but she never acts spoilt. She is not rude and is, instead, kind and generous.

She tries to help out Mr Bump but unfortunately this doesn’t go to plan as she’s so used to having others do everything for her!

Book Little Miss Princess from Rainbow Productions.

Little Miss Sunshine

Bright and happy, having Little Miss Sunshine at your corporate event will definitely bring the positive vibes!

Little Miss Sunshine is one of the original Little Miss characters and features in the 4th book of the series.

Her laughter is infectious!

Book Little Miss Sunshine from Rainbow Productions.

Book Mr Men and Little Miss character with Rainbow Productions

Your guests (particularly the pre-school guests!) will love to meet our Mr Men and Little Miss characters from Rainbow Productions. Provided with a trained performer and dedicated road manager, you’re guaranteed a professional appearance.


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