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All You Need to Know About Custom Mascot Costumes

Want to increase the recognition of your brand? Need to identify better with your consumers so people remember who you are? Then our top-quality custom made mascots could be just the ticket. Plus, they just look plain cool.

We’ve dug deep into our mascot archives and collected the most frequently asked questions we’ve received during our 30-or-so years designing and building mascots…

What Are Custom Made Mascot Costumes?

In a nutshell, a mascot is an illustrative figure, an emblem and a communication tool for an individual or organisation. The mascot personifies a person/company’s values, communicates efficiently and helps them stand out from the crowd.

Whether you want football mascots, animal mascots or charity mascots, at Rainbow Productions, we have a long and proud history of working with clients and organisations of all types and sizes to produce bespoke mascot costumes.

How Comfortable Is the Mascot to Wear?

Comfort before, during and after the creation of your mascot is at the core of our values. Choosing the right materials for your mascot costume is key to prolonging the life of the costume. We design your mascot costume with the performer’s comfort in mind as well as ensuring it reflects your brand and is durable. We use a wide range of light-weight, sturdy and quality materials. We also have experience of designing and producing mascots worn in hot climates, in stage shows and even marathon races!

How Much Does It Cost to Have Custom Made Mascots Made?

We make custom mascot costumes according to your specific tastes – we have a whole gamut of mascot characters to choose from, including Barney, Dora, Garfield and much more besides. Prices are dependent upon things like the production techniques and which fabric you choose. Need a tailored quote for how much your custom mascot costume will cost? Simply upload your design artwork and fill out the enquiry form on our site, and we’ll be in touch.

No matter what your budget, our skilled production team will create a mascot costume that’ll be the highest quality and best value for money. If you have a budget in mind, please let us know and we’ll aim to work within this budget to create the perfect mascot for you.

What’s the Most Important Thing to Remember When Having My Custom-Made Mascot Costume Designed?

Whilst there are loads of important aesthetic and physical elements that make up a good mascot, the main thing is branding – the clever integration of your company’s colours, logo and image into the overall design of the costume so the crowds will know instantly who your character is and what he/she stands for.

How Hot Does a Mascot Costume Get?

It’s inevitable you’ll get quite stuffy inside your mascot, especially if you’re performing when the weather’s particularly hot. It largely depends on quite a few factors, like the person wearing the costume, what materials are used in the costume as well as the temperature on the specific day it’s worn.

Rainbow Productions mascots are designed with as much open space on the inside as possible and ventilation holes and openings are cleverly placed to enable air flow. We can add extra ventilation and provide options such as head fans and cool vests.

Unsurprisingly, a performer wearing a mascot on a hot, sunny, sticky day is going to experience some discomfort, and nothing is going to stop that. If you find yourself performing in costume on a sweltering day - and it’s likely you will at some point - be sure to drink lots of cold liquids before, during, and after performing. Steer clear of drinking alcoholic beverages and also, make an effort to slot in more break time between appearances on scorching days.

How Easy Is It to See out of a Mascot?

Since you’ll basically be wearing a giant costume and ginormous mask, vision will be somewhat restricted. Although, rest assured, we go to all lengths during the design and creation of your mascot to maintain the best possible sight-lines and vision by making the eyes as big as we can, including vision holes in the hat, and so on.

Naturally, some mascots will have better vision than others due to differing designs. Fret not – we’ll work with you closely and make recommendations about applying design elements to guarantee the best possible vision on the finished item.

To overcome restricted vision, the best thing you can do is make sure you allow plenty of practice time in the mascot before the public appearance. Why not take a look at our mascot training classes for tips on how to reflect and represent your mascot during a public appearance?

How Long Will It Take to Make My Mascot?

Timings vary depending on your requirements and our production schedule. The entire process typically takes 6 to 8 weeks, excluding delivery, from confirmation of order. If you have an urgent deadline, let us know your deadline and we will do our very best to meet this.

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