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Advantages of Buying a Mascot Costume

Considering investing in a mascot for your company? A mascot costume gives your business or school a recognisable face, and it’s something both grown-ups and children can engage with - it’s the perfect way to market your brand.

Mascots are regularly used in business and sporting events to aid a spokesperson in promoting their brand or team, creating awareness among consumers – or enticing a specific audience.

There are numerous advantages of buying a mascot costume, as we’ve detailed below. Unlike renting, buying a mascot means no paperwork or monthly payments. What’s more, by investing in one, you can be sure no other organisation will use the same mascot costume that you do which could cause confusion in the minds of the public and make for unimpressive branding.


Unlimited use. How often you use your mascot is entirely up to you – you could even wear it daily! If your costume is worn frequently, it’s more cost-effective to buy one outright rather than renting. It allows for decent forward planning and you can organise marketing events around your mascot.

Long-term investment. Buying a mascot costume is a long-standing investment of your money. It’s a good return on investment and allows for frequent use.

Design it how you like. It’s totally up to you how you design your costume. In other words, it’s a compelling method of branding. As your company grows and progresses, you can recycle or refurbish the mascot costume if need be.

No long-term payments. There are no ongoing rental costs as there would be if you rented one.

Brand personality. A lot of rented costumes feature extremely plain expressions, however, a professional mascot represents your company better, since it features your logo as well as a distinct personality with a brilliant facial expression.

Totally unique. You own the copyright to your character and are free to use its likeness on any advertising material – you can rest assured there’ll be no other brand that has a mascot like yours.

High quality. Unlike rented mascot costumes, bought mascots are made from better, higher quality materials, with enhanced safety features. That means the wearer will be much more comfortable.

Multiple uses. You can wear the costume during multiple events and be unlike any other mascot around.

Brand representation. Your bespoke mascot will represent your company better than a rented costume, encouraging your fans to welcome the mascot a lot more readily.

Readily available. Your mascot is there whenever you need it – there’ll be no visits to the rental shop or rental fees to pay.

Less costly than renting. If you want to use your mascot for a lengthy amount of time, the lifetime cost of the costume is less than renting.






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