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7 Tips on Staying Comfy in Mascot Costumes

So, you’ve decided on your mascot costume – great. But how do you stay comfy? There are a few things you can do to make your experience a whole lot more pleasurable and comfortable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a volunteer or performer, the below tips will help you to be a cheerier mascot!

Beat the Heat

Perhaps one of the downsides of wearing a mascot is the heat. Unfortunately, you can’t really escape it. That said, you can prepare beforehand by staying hydrated. So, be sure to glug lots of water while you’re wearing the costume. We also have head fan cooling systems which can help to make you that bit more comfortable.

Carb It Up

Just as important as drinking, eating enough to preserve your energy levels throughout your performance is just as critical, else you could see yourself collapsing in a heap from sheer exhaustion. Indulge in a carb-heavy meal beforehand for a real energy boost; think about something slightly salty, as it’s highly likely you’ll be sweating lots in your costume.

Dress in Lightweight Clothing

When it comes to clothing, opt for something light and comfortable underneath your mascot costume. Avoid wearing anything that rubs or chafes your skin – the last thing you (or your audience) want is a limping mascot!

Make Sure It Fits Properly

Are you wearing your costume correctly? Does the head come with head straps or chinstraps? Have you adjusted them properly? When you’re clad in your costume, double check there aren’t any parts of “you” that aren’t fully covered up. What you don’t want is your arm, hand or leg poking out when it isn’t supposed to be exposed. Make sure you check that all eyes, hooks, straps, snaps and closures are secure.

Cooling Vest / Neck Wrap

Stay cool with a chilled vest or cooling neck wrap, both of which sport useful pockets for removable inserts that contain ice-cold water and are worn close to the body. Don’t forget to bring some spare chilled inserts so you can change throughout your performance – your costume will be so much more comfortable to wear, even when it’s super-hot outside. Not only will wearing a chilled vest make you feel more comfortable and cool, it’ll also extend the lifespan of your costume.


Think about how the design of the mascot head will affect the person clad in it. Make sure the eyes, mouth or nose are aligned appropriately – the last thing you want is the mascot wearer not being able to see properly because the eye holes are misaligned.

Use Sweat Bands

It’s definitely not going to be cool inside your costume – you’re going to get sweaty, there’s no escaping it! To avoid drips running down your face and into your eyes (which is never nice, especially when vision becomes impaired), pack some sweatbands in your mascot kit bag – they’ll come in handy when the sweating strikes.



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