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7 Must-Haves in Your Mascot Survival Kit

It’s no surprise that accidents and problems happen when you’re clad in your mascot costume, whether you’re on stage or on the field. Maintaining your mascot is important to see if it’s in need of maintenance, but it’s equally important to kit out your survival bag with some essentials that could save you having to fork out on a costly repair job, not to mention a real headache when you’re performing at a public event.

Thankfully, we’ve pulled together seven must-have items in your survival kit for when you’re performing at important mascot shows, all of which can be used/applied until you have a chance to have a proper repair done.

1. Safety Pins

Who said safety pins were just for nappies? Whether your mascot has a broken zip, strap or snap, fix it up temporarily with a safety pin. It’s a good idea to find larger size ones that can take the pressure from the pulling of heavy fabrics. Bear in mind that safety pins are a temporary fix, so make sure you get your mascot fixed as soon as you can.

2. Pet Brush

Spruce up your mascot’s fur before an appearance with a soft bristle brush. It’s also useful if yours has been stowed away for a while or has recently been cleaned. A spot of gentle brushing with a pet brush will get your mascot costume looking as good as new so you can take to the stage or field in confidence.

3. A Sticky Paper Roller

A mascot character donning a dust-covered coat or fuzzy pair of trousers isn’t a good look. Keep your costume looking in tip-top notch with a lint roller – it’s particularly useful if your mascot costume is white or if the fabric attracts fibres and dust. Simply roll the lint over your mascot’s clothing to remove unwanted hair, fluff and dust.

4. Needle and Thread

Sew up torn seams quickly with the help of a sewing kit. The last thing you want is a large hole to appear somewhere really obvious on your mascot. Try and find some thread in a matching colour to your mascot, otherwise black or white works just fine.

5. Adhesive Remover

Chewing gum stuck in your mascot’s fur isn’t attractive, especially when you try picking it off which only results in taking a massive chunk of fur off, leaving your mascot with an unsightly bald patch. Removing chewing gum from your mascot’s fur is a whole lot easier when you have some adhesive remover nearby.

6. Quick-Setting Glue

Save eyes, tongues and other mascot parts falling onto the floor by chucking some hot or instant glue in your mascot survival bag. Glue is a must-have for such emergencies! What’s more, it’s fab for sticking on things like moustaches, buttons and badges.

Whilst the above items aren’t necessarily the top seven, they still make brilliant additions to any survival kit.

7. Wet Wipes

Removing surface dirt pronto from any part of your mascot costume is a breeze with a moist wipe or antibacterial towel. After every performance, we’d recommend wiping down the entire costume with a damp cloth to help stop dirt and dust from building up in the fibres. What’s more, antibacterial wipes can be used to clean scuffs and marks from plastic parts but be sure to test the areas beforehand to make sure the wipes don’t stain the paint or other treated surfaces.

blank packaging wet wipes pouch with opened plastic cap isolated on white background

Other things to consider in your kit include:

  • Batteries
  • Spare socks/shorts/t-shirt
  • Duct tape
  • Extra gloves/shoulder padding/head padding
  • An umbrella
  • A towel
  • Bottled water
  • Portable fan

To find out our latest news, discover upcoming character events that our licensed characters will be attending each month as well as our most recent projects, head over to our blog. Read all about how to create a custom mascot to build brand identity, how to choose the perfect mascot performer, who the best animal mascots are, and a whole lot more.


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