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5 simple steps to help you create a custom mascot


Custom mascot costumes are, undoubtedly, a useful addition to your company’s marketing strategy. And they’re not just popular with children.


In fact, mascot costumes are imperative for brand recognition, so if you haven’t yet got a mascot for your brand, it is about time you got one.


And with Rainbow Productions, it’s simple to create your brand mascot.











Take a look at our 5 simple steps below:


Step #1: Before designing your mascot, create a story for your character

Before putting pencil to paper, discuss with your team what would make a good story for your mascot.

You can then design the look of your mascot based on their backstory.

Don’t worry you don’t need to spend loads of time on this- just a few pieces of information that can help us get an idea of what mascot your company is looking for.


Step #2: Design a draft look for your mascot

Custom made mascots don’t necessarily require a significant amount of planning time! Most often, the company puts together a draft for us to look at. We can then make any edits to it and advise accordingly.

The advantages of the company putting together their first draft is mostly that they have a better understanding of their clients and what mascots would appeal to them.


That said, if you’d like advice, of course, we can help!


Step #3: Create your mascot costume

As custom mascot costume makers, we can create your mascot costume here at Rainbow Productions.

Choose from an array of fabrics and we’ll have the perfect mascot costume made for you. Our costume quality is outstanding so you can be confident wearing your mascot costume at corporate events.


Find out more about the process of having your own custom mascot made.


Step #4: Further customize your mascot costume

Once you have established your new mascot character, you may want to add further customization to it, to make the character even more distinguishable!

You’ll know that some mascots are well-known for their uniform, for example, or you may wish to add a particular hat or item of jewellery…


Mascot customizations can make your mascot character even more unique.


Step #5: Create a marketing strategy that includes your mascot

Not only is having your mascot attend brand events an essential part of your marketing strategy, it is also beneficial to have your mascot printed on your product packaging, apparent on your website and also present on your social media profiles.


Unique mascot costumes from Rainbow Productions

Contact us at Rainbow Productions if you think we could help with creating your perfect mascot costume.


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