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4 Ways to Introduce Your Brand-New Mascot to the Masses

Have you spent many an hour designing and refining your team or company brand mascot character ready for the big reveal? Planning to launch a brand-new or improved version of your existing mascot character? You should put just as much effort into planning an original introduction for your mascot that boosts your exposure and builds awareness for both your new character and also your brand’s overall identity.

Remember the below pointers when publicising your new (or improved!) mascot character to the world. The below tips are key to creating a custom mascot to build brand identify

1. Keep him secret. The last thing you want to do is spill the beans about your new mascot too soon. It’s all about keeping the launch of your mascot under wraps which will build anticipation and bring an element of surprise when it comes to the big day.

2. Turn the introduction into an event of its own. First things first, you want to build some mascot momentum when you reveal your new character. Whether you’re a company or sports team, think about creating a brilliant first impression by revealing your mascot at an event that you set up. So, if you’re a business, that could be a “meet and greet” event for valued customers and the community. If you’re a sports team, consider arranging a special pep rally ahead of the big game – you’ll no doubt gauge some interest and get some heads turning! This gives customers and fans a chance to meet your new character and understand more about your brand.


3. Reveal your new mascot at an upcoming event. Why not unveil your new mascot character at your company’s annual meeting? Or at a semi-final game or approaching conference? These types of events make the perfect places to introduce your character to the world, all at once. And remember to video the big event as you introduce your new mascot character. Then share it to your audience on social media or upload it to your website following the event.

4. Update your social media platforms. If your mascot character’s been revamped and redesigned, make sure your social media followers know about it. Compose some posts that shout out the fact that your mascot’s undergone a change, update your social media profile pictures, post some fantastic mascot photographs, juicy bits of marketing material and images to reflect your mascot’s changes. What you want is to hook your fans in so they’re totally familiar with your new character and instantly connect with your brand.


After all, your new mascot character is a pretty big investment so it’s important you’re reaping the full benefits when you’re ready to launch him to your fans. Be sure to plan your marketing strategy carefully so you make an impression on your audience for a truly fruitful mascot launch.

If you need a little help designing your mascot so it makes an impact, our specialist mascot costume designers are on hand to help you create a winning mascot costume design. Why not give us a call today for a consultation? And be sure to take a peek at our mascot characters costumes list for some inspiration – how about creating a mascot like Barney, the huggable, lovable Tyrannosaurus rex whose favourite colour is purple? Or perhaps the little adventurer, Dora, from Dora & Friends? Check out our 7 awesome animal mascot ideas blog if you need more inspo!

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